Bush Tomato 20g

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The Bush tomato (also known as Desert Raisins, Kutjera, akatyerr, yakajirri) is a small fruit of the plant Solanum centrale that grows in arid regions of Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia and is picked when it has been sun dried naturally. It has a savoury raisin/caramel, spicy taste. It is great to put a distinctive flavour into your casseroles, relishes, curries, breads, dukkah, crumb mix and salsa. First Nations Peoples of the arid regions used bush tomatoes as an important food source.


Our Bush Tomato comes from a First Nations grower. We grind and pack the Bush Tomato in our processing shed in Humpty Doo NT.

Bush tomatoes contain high levels of iron, folate, potassium and selenium and have a high potassium to sodium ratio of 483:1. Increasing potassium in the diet helps the kidneys to retain less sodium which helps lower blood pressure. Bush tomatoes also contain zinc, magnesium and calcium. Fresh bush tomatoes contain a lot of Vitamin C but once they are dried, there is little Vitamin C in them.

Selenium is necessary for antioxidant enzymes to function and plays an important role in thyroid hormone metabolism and production. It acts as an antioxidant helping to prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.

*Always consult your health/medical practitioner before trying new foods.


Serving Suggestions

  • Add to casseroles, stews, chutneys, relishes
  • Use in bread mixes, sourdough, crumb mixes, dukkah
  • Sprinkle on vegetables for extra nutrition!


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