Social Impact


Increasing First Nations' participation


Prioritising First Nations' suppliers


Increasing Indigenous employment


Research in the Native Food Industry

Increasing First Nation’s Peoples’ participation in the Native Food and Botanical Industry

We do this by:

Enabling First Nations businesses and communities to process their own native foods and encouraging them to develop their own products. This way they become a bigger part of the supply chain and gain more profits for their businesses and communities than by just selling fruit. We have processed Kakadu Plum for NT communities and Indigenous owned businesses. We also support First Nations businesses and communities through advice and mentoring.

Our goal is to be able to mentor First Nations people to be successful growers of native fruits and to continue to help increase the percentage of First Nations businesses and communities involved in the Native Food Industry.

Prioritising First Nations' suppliers

Although we grow our own River Mint, Kakadu Plums, Quandongs, Muntries and Wattle Seed, they are not fully grown and we still need to buy in native fruit to meet demand.

We always buy from First Nations’ businesses first. Most of our native foods are grown by us or bought from First Nations businesses. Occasionally we buy extra Wattleseed and Lemon Myrtle from non-Indigenous growers in the Riverland SA and NSW.

Increasing Indigenous employment

By using our freeze dryer to process Kakadu Plums right here in the NT where the Kakadu Plums grow, we can employ First Nations people in the manufacturing process.

When we processed our first tonne of Kakadu Plum for an NT community, we hired our first First Nations casual employee. It was the first time ever that First Nations people were employed in the process of freeze drying of Kakadu Plums. We aim to increase our processing capabilities and therefore be able to hire more First Nations people.

As our retail business grows, we aim to employ at least 75% First Nations people in this side of the business.

Research in the Native Food Industry

We are formal research partners of the ARC Uniquely Australian Foods Industrial Transformational Training Centre.

We are research partners with the University of Qld Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) project which leads to new knowledge in the Kakadu Plum value chain being available for First Nations businesses and communities.

We are members of the First Nations Enterprise Group partnering with University of Qld. In this group we help to advise on and influence research to benefit First Nations communities and businesses.