Kakadu Plum and Faba Bean 240g

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We’ve created this all Australian blend of Faba Bean protein powder boosted with Australian Native Kakadu Plums to produce a blend that can help you build and repair tissue and muscle, boost your immune system and assist with cell protection.

With 20g of plant-based protein per serve and 103% RDI Natural Vitamin C to assist with protein absorption, it’s a great way to get protein into your daily diet! Great for pre and post workouts too. It’s smooth, neutral taste makes it great to add to smoothies, almond milk, protein balls- in fact any food! 

Vegan/ Gluten Free / Dairy Free

No Added Sugar

100% Australian Grown/ wild harvested, manufactured and owned


Faba Bean protein isolate

Kakadu Plum (freeze dried without seed)


  • Our Kakadu Plums are wild harvested in the Northern Territory communities by our First Nations Peoples
  • We freeze dry and powder the Kakadu Plums at our manufacturing site here in Humpty Doo NT
  • The Faba Beans are grown and processed in Australia 
  • We package the Kakadu Plum and Faba Bean product here at our manufacturing plant in Humpty Doo NT.
  • 20g Protein per serve
  • 27% RDI Iron per serve
  • 103% RDI Vitamin C per serve
  • 14% RDI Manganese per serve


This blend will help boost energy levels, immunity and assist in cell protection. As it is plant-based protein, the high Vitamin C level per serve will assist with protein absorption. It will also assist with muscle and tissue repair as well as recovery. Kakadu Plums have the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world and are wild harvested near us in the NT communities.



  • Blend into your smoothies and smoothie bowls
  • Blend with your protein balls and bliss balls



  • Sprinkle on cereals and salads



  • Add to smoothie bowls, chia pudding and yoghurt for an extra burst of nutrition
  • Bake in muffins, cakes, biscuits.
  • Add to casseroles, stews and soups (to thicken and at the end of the cooking cycle so as not to destroy the Vitamin C). Try some of the great recipes on our website


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