Superfood Rivermint Packs a Minty Punch!


We are excited to launch our new line Kaiyu Superfoods Rivermint! When we met an Aboriginal grower in South Australia, he gave us a taste of his Rivermint. The strong spearminty flavour blew us away! We knew immediately we could support him by buying his Rivermint and introduce it as one of our new lines. He grows the Rivermint using organic practices. Rivermint has many health benefits and was used by Aboriginal peoples from many different nations. Read on to find out more!

Health Benefits

Research has shown that Rivermint has a high antioxidant activity. It is high in phenolic compounds which have strong free radical scavenging activity. Free radicals can have harmful effects on lipids, proteins and DNA. They can cause oxidative stress diseases such as cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease. Phenolic compounds are able to scavenge these free radicals, thus potentially reducing the risk of oxidative stress which causes these diseases. Phenolic compounds have proven antiviral, antimicrobial  and antibiotic effects. Two of the phenolic compounds that are high in Rivermint are rosmarinic acid and neoponcirin  which have been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatitis and anti-tumour effects. Neoponcirin represents 30.4% of total phenolics in the leaves of Rivermint. This compound is widely used in remedial medicine for digestive ulcers and gastritis. The phenolic compunds have strong pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity- there has been research into them as anti-obesity agents.

About the plant and traditional uses

Rivermint (Mentha australis) usually grows near rivers or creeks. It is a small perennial herb that has been traditionally used in many Aboriginal nations, as it grows in most states of Australia. Aboriginals used the crushed leaves and stems to inhale and used as a concentrated drink to treat colds and headaches.

How to use

Our native mint powder can be used in sauces, dips, desserts, teas, mint jelly, cocktails, water infusions and anywhere you would use normal mint. We made a salad with mango, cucumber, avocado and Rivermint and served it with some Barramundi Pete caught- it was delicious and so refreshing! It has the taste of strong spearmint and when used as a tea- it’s just like a refreshing minty, mild green tea! Check out our recipes on the website or if you want to check out our Kaiyu Superfoods Rivermint go to

* If you are pregnant, on medications or have an existing medical condition, it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner for advice before consuming new foods.

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