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Quandong Powder (Freeze Dried)


About Quandongs

Quandongs are a great source of antioxidants! They are also a good source of folate, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and contain iron and protein (for more nutritional information see RIRDC).

The quandong, native peach, guwandhang (Whiraduri language) or kurtuki (Ngarrindjeri language) has been around for 45 million years (pollen samples were found at Nelly Creek, SA). Aboriginals in the southern and inland arid parts of Australia have been using this highly nutritious fruit for many thousands of years. Early settlers used the quandong to make jams and chutneys. The bright red fruits can be found hanging on the quandong tree like Christmas baubles from September to November.

Flavour: Slightly sweet and tart with earthy fermented tones.



Serving Suggestions

  • Just sprinkle a teaspoon of Kaiyu Superfoods Quandong Freeze Dried Powder into your yoghurt, smoothie or onto your cereal to get some added nutrition into your diet or try some of the great recipes on our website.
  • To reconstitute the powder into a puree, add water in the ratio of 1:3. So if you have one teaspoon of powder, you just add three teaspoons of water!


Gluten Free / Dairy Free

No Added Sugar

100% Pure Fruit-Nothing Added

Keto Diet


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