Kulbanyi and Quandong Tea 22g


Together they make a delicately fragrant water infusion. Quandong is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. The Kulbanyi is wild harvested and air dried from Seven Emu Station near the Gulf of Carpentaria in the NT. Seven Emu Station is owned by Frank Shadforth whose father was the first Aboriginal man to own a station in the NT. Kulbanyi has been used for thousands of years by Australia’s Garrwa-Yanyuwa aboriginals for flu and aches. Use as a hot tea or refreshing native water.

Makes 25+ cups of tea.


Gluten Free / Dairy Free

100% Australian grown and made


  • The Kulbanyi is wild harvested and air dried at Seven Emu Station near the Gulf of Carpentaria in the NT.
  • We harvest our own quandongs and air dry them as well as buy from local growers in the Riverland South Australia. 
  • We package the tea at our Humpty Doo manufacturing plant.



Air dried Quandong

Air dried Kulbanyi Leaves

Use for a calming, relaxing tea. Use to soothe symptoms of colds and flus.

Our native water infusion packs let you create and enjoy the health benefits of your own native infused waters at home, work or anywhere you are! The goodness from these native foods turns your water into a beautiful, delicately flavoured refreshing water or hot tea. The ingredients are separately packed so you can tailor each cup to your taste. Use in an infuser bottle or jug, tea strainer, tea bags or reusable muslin bags.

*Always consult your health/medical practitioner before trying new foods.


  • Place 8 Kulbanyi leaves and a couple of pieces of quandong in each cup
  • Place in your infuser bottle the night before and enjoy the next day, topping up with water all through the day for flavoured water all day. For full favour, infuse for at least two hours before drinking. For faster infusions, put leaves in a cup and pour in half a cup of hot water to make a concentrated infusion, leave a couple of minutes, then top up your water bottle with the concentrated infusion. (You can reuse the leaves in the cup by pouring more water in and leave to infuse)
  • Put in tea strainer and have as a hot cup of tea
  • Make a concentrated infusion with half a cup of water and use this with soda water and ice for a refreshing beverage!



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