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Desert Lime Icing

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Desert Lime Icing



1½ cup icing sugar

1 tsp Kaiyu Superfoods Desert Lime Powder 

1 tbsp water

125g cream cheese (softened)

Extra 1 tspn Kaiyu Superfoods Desert Lime Powder 



Mix 1 tsp Kaiyu Superfoods Desert Lime Powder with the water in a bowl. Leave for one minute. Add the icing sugar and cream cheese to the bowl and blend together. Spread the icing mixture on your favourite cake (eg. banana cake or carrot cake). Sprinkle the extra Kaiyu Superfoods Desert Lime Powder on the icing on top of the cake. 

For a stiffer icing decrease the amount of water you mix with the Kaiyu Superfoods Desert Lime Powder. Enjoy!


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