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Kakadu Plum Smoothie

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Kakadu Plum Smoothie

Packed with Vitamin C, A, Potassium, KPsmoothie1BMagnesium, folate and heaps of antioxidants!


½ tsp Kaiyu Superfoods Kakadu Plum Powder

Half a mango

Half a banana

¼ cup baby spinach leaves

¼ cup cold water



Blend all ingredients in a blender. This makes a small but nutritional smoothie. Enjoy!




Comments: 2

  • Natasha Bernard
    September 28, 2019

    what is the recommended daily dose for Kakadu Plum

    • Cate and Pete
      September 30, 2019

      Hi Natasha, Kaiyu Superfoods Kakadu Plum powder does not contain the seed- only the flesh of the fruit is powdered (the flesh contains most of the nutrients, the seed contains a lot of fibre), so you only need half a teaspoon a day. If you are feeling like you are catching a cold or virus or are sick you may want to take a teaspoon to get the benefits of more antioxidants. Of course consult your doctor if you are unsure about how much you should take for your circumstance.
      Cate and Pete

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